Oracle 2005

Curated by K. Meynell
supported by MoDa Museum of London
Main Hall, Middlesex University, Cat Hill

Ideal heirs of Lipstik, the unforgettable giant tube of lipstick on tracks created by Oldenburg in 1969, Oracle is a giant bra floating at few meters from the ground. In the performance held at the Main Hall of Middlesex University in London 2005, the visitor had to stoop to deposit under it an offer of he’s eggs.
It speaks of the body absence: as other Resi’s sculptures, Oracle is a mysterious fetish of femininity.

Evoking an ancient  world you can discover the power of the antique and new female mythology.
Everybody is looking for the pathway that leads to the true of life.
Walking through the labyrinth, you may finally touch the mystery that is the oracle.
Only one hundred people will have the egg of  power that must  be deposited into the labyrinth  to begin the process of creation.