Resi Girardello Art Studio -2021

Graduated in Painting and Sculpture, Master Degree in Visual and Performing Arts with full marks, Academy of Fine Arts, Venice.

Her path on sculpture and installation focuses on meditations that touch transversally science, mythology and society.

In 2011 she is the creator and commissioner of Cracked Culture, Collateral Event of the 54th Venice Biennale. In 2013 she is commissioner of Voice of the Unseen, Collateral Event of the 55th Venice Biennale.

Prize ART / Cairo Communication, Section Sculpture, Academies of Fine Arts, Milan, Palazzo della Permanente, 2004. | Artwork: CIO’ CHE RIMANE DELLA SIRENA

My artwork that since almost 20 years is related to climate change. Nature, as a whole, is the fundamental component of my work. It is a way to return back to my roots. I lived the youth in the countryside of an industrialized area and I loved the sense of security that I had by being surrounded by land, stones, plants, animals. It was simply normal to live such a life but then, during my adolescence, I perceived a threat when I read about the Gaia hypothesis in a James Lovelock book. I was scared and I began to read science documents realizing that the increasing industrialization and the emerging countries development strongly influenced the global warming. I believe that art is a powerful tool of communication and that artists can use their creativity to say that a better future is all we need. The universal language of art allows scientific contents to be spread in the society. The hope is to create positive thinking.

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