Matria 2011

curated by Gloria Vallese
Bugno Art Gallery – Venice

Gloria Vallese

With a choice of sculptures (some of wich new such as Lilith and Madame X), of three dimensional photographs, and performance, Resi Girardello stages Matria, ironic survey about herself, her family and her female ancestors (…)

Working silver, copper, brass and steel wire, Resi Girardell creates soft, pliable nd deceptively delicate metal sculptures, ironizing on yhe female patient application that is associated with the history of this technique, and at the same time disarming with humor the tools of seduction

Her production includes mythological archetypes of femininity (goddesses, nymphs and sirens) and paradoxilcal clothing, mainly shoes and undergarments.

Her copper, brass and silver lingerie is less distant from history and contemporary life than one might think. Whimsical and delicate in appearance, it is kin to the armors of the past, to the corsets and farthingales that kept in shape breasts, hips and busts of our ancestors, concealing under lace and frills metal and whalebone. They pricked the bodies, moulding anatomy towards the forms desidered by fashion and seduction.

Glittering, often not weareable (often, but not always), Girardello’s corsets, garters and petticoats are wire sculptures that speak of the body in absence; they are mysteriuous fetishes of feminity, sometimes tiny and delightful (as the series of Cenette) sometimes huge, larger than nature, like ancient statues of deities, or contemporary advertising (pag. 11)



Bugno Art Gallery